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Prayer as Protection

(The following is a testimony received on May 18th from a front-line field worker.) Damaged Tire

I want to share my and my team’s testimonies to you to let you know your prayer means a lot. I have people praying for me and my team and I see God's protection upon my life, my family and my team. Here is the testimony:

1. Last Monday I drove back from the airport to my house. As I went 100km an hour, the tire blew out. My friend and I then changed the tire. I bought a new tire the next day, then I realized the flat tire was really bad. Only by God's grace I didn't get into an accident. You can see the picture.

2. Yesterday I visited my team and also prepared workers to stay in a new area. When we got to the town, the car’s electricity went off. The car was totally off. As the engine was off, there was a voice saying, “spiritual warfare.” I then prayed a quick prayer. My friend then checked the car battery and it was ok. He made a few hard taps to the car battery, then the electricity came back on again.

3. When I had a fellowship with my team, field workers that stayed in the same house testified. One night, one of them felt something moving on his feet. However, he was so tired so he didn't get bothered. In the morning when they cleaned the house, another worker found a two-headed green snake in the house. The snake was about 40 cm long and the body was about 2 cm in diameter. They then killed the snake. Praise God nothing happened to those field workers.

I hope this testimony will strengthen you and encourage you to continue praying fervently. I personally believe it is God that protects because there are people like you who pray.

God bless

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