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Mentoring Support for Church PlantingErik Gutierrez

Erik Gutiérrez had the desire to plant a church. He told two leaders in his denomination, Bishop Ramos and Omar Carmona. They encouraged Erik in this call from the Lord, but they didn’t stop there.

They told Erik about Multiplication Network and the tools and resources that were available to him. “They sat down with me and explained the content of the church planter training modules,” Erik says. “This helped me to understand the designs of God and the processes that I must execute in the work of planting churches. I thank God for this opportunity that allows me to experience what it takes to plant a church.

Erik started the church plant in June 2021 and five people were at the first meeting. “In the first month we had 12 new converts,” Erik reports.

But then there was discord and the group was divided. They had to find a new place to meet. “It was a hard process for me,” Erik confesses. “But I was able to count on the support of my mentors.” The role of mentors in the church planting process is important to Multiplication Network and this is one of the reasons why—church planting can be a lonely and difficult job and leaders like Erik need support.

I think that, if I have been able to withstand so much adversity, it is because, number one, the work belongs to God, and number two, because of training from Multiplication Network – they taught me to do the job effectively.

Erik continues to share the Gospel and disciple the people in his congregation. “We have been able to see the powerful hand of God working in each life,” he says. “I am grateful for the advice and guidance that we have received through Multiplication Network’s material to do the Lord's work better.

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