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East Asia Region

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Recent Event:

NE Asia Regional Conference for SCP mobilizers (September 26-28, 2017)

Kansai Bible Institute, Ikoma Japan

A purpose of the conference was to report on the progress of the Gospel and church planting in China, Japan, Mongolia, the Korean peninsula, Taiwan and beyond…

The conference trained for partnering in a ‘whole nation’ church planting process to see the nation discipled for Christ.

National teams set limited objectives for the remainder of the year and for 2018 in 5 key areas towards the goal of a national church planting process.

Open evening meetings were available to students and Japanese leaders. Details in English or Japanese.

One of the presentations, Eric Smith: Discipling A Whole Nation is available here: manuscript, PPT.

Building on Recent Foundations:

Taiwan: September 21-22, 2015 - The 150th anniversary of the arrival of modern Christianity to Taiwan has arrived but there is yet much to do to bring the Gospel to those who don't yet have saving faith in Christ. Introducing GCPN in Taiwan - The Need and Purpose of the Conference - Schedule. Outcomes included formation of national coordination team with mandate. Several sessions were recorded: 

01-GCPN簡介  /  02-教勢回顧 / 03-119異象與進展分享 / 04-教會拓殖案例分享 / 05-從一個堂會到靈糧世界網絡(募集聲音檔中) / 06-CPM原則&GCPN IT異象分享 / 07-各地區TCPN團隊召聚 / 08-感謝與尊榮 / 09-小兵立大功影片 / 10-敬拜與讚美

Japan: November 11-13, 2015 - Japanese leaders will gather to be empowered to advance their national movement in the Japan Church Planting Institute National Conference. For details or registration see

Strategic information for wise decision making (data may overlap with adjacent regions)

North East Asia (2016 update)


2015 Church Growth Report in PDF format


Average Annual Growth Rate 2002-2012
Percentage of cities with less than 2 churches
Percentage of cities without churches
Percentage of towns & villages without churches
Percentage of cities, towns & villages without churches
Number of cities, towns & villages without churches
Church members as percentage of population
Church attenders as percentage of populationChurch attenders as percentage of population (larger scale)
Population to church ratios

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